Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy 10 years, Casa de Amor!

Today is Casa de Amor's 10th anniversary! Ten years ago today they received their first child, a little boy. Since then, they have cared for 145 children (119 of whom have left in family reinsertion or adoption). The anniversary celebration drew quite a crowd! It was so fun to see so many of our former kids with their families! During the event, Jennifer gave some history of the hogar, Rosa gave some statistics of the kids, Maria spoke about the kids' healthcare, and Sarin shared what it's like to work at the hogar (she's been there from the beginning as a tía/caregiver), among others. 

All of our big kids came, and we brought a group from the baby home as well. They really did well considering that it was a lot of sitting quietly and listening! TV and newspaper reporters were also there and Hogar de Amor Para Niños (as Casa de Amor is known here) will be featured in stories. Jennifer and Rosa have even been invited for a tv interview tomorrow morning! 

It was a fun celebration and I'm so glad I was here to attend! Enjoy some pictures...

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