Friday, December 12, 2014


Look who showed up to the baby house tonight… A new baby boy! I heard someone banging on the gate at about 10:30pm and wasn't sure who it could be. The tías were already asleep so I went outside. The police and the Defensoria were outside with this cute baby and asked if we could take him! At that point, the tías had to wake up so we called Rosa to ask her permission. She said yes, and they handed him over. 

We don't yet know his name or age, although we think he's about 3-4 months old. His mother was drunk and when others saw her unable to even stand up, they called police. He's a chunky baby and was very clean upon arrival, so it's hard to know his real family situation. We're hoping that his mother might have just had a bad night and he can be temporary, but so many kids who come as temporary placements end up staying. 

We're hoping to find out more information on him on Monday… Unfortunately with it being the weekend, his mother can't do much to find him and we can't do much to receive more information on the case. 

He'll get to be my roommate this weekend as we don't have any beds left in the babies' room and don't want to do any switching around as everyone is already sound asleep. He seems to have never had a bottle (nor the desire to learn how to suck on one) and has a very loud, screechy cry so it might be a long night :)

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