Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday in Pictures

Just some pictures of our Sunday...

I should've updated on this days ago, but I didn't. We found out last Friday night (a week ago) that Baby E. needed surgery (for severe reflux) sooner rather than later… Sooner meaning this past Wednesday! Surgery took place Wednesday morning, and he was back at the baby house on Friday morning. He's spending nights with me but during the day is upstairs with everyone and doing great!

 Pretty girls headed to church!

I didn't know we'd be having a children's program at church this morning. R. and S. were front and center! Now that R. is 3 years old, she has moved up to S.'s class. Normally, S. bails on any activity her class participates in (and instead comes to find me on her way down the aisle), but she and R. both participated and did a wonderful job singing!

My two conejitos!

 Baby C. with the bunnies!

Rather than deal with getting kids in and out of the car for lunch, we picked up empanadas and had a picnic in the car. 

Does she love or hate ice cream?! Contrary to what it looks like, she really did like it!

Do you think you could've made a bigger mess with that empanada? I love using up all of my baby wipes on your face alone and having to hand-wash all of your clothes every week ;) 

 As we were leaving church, a man gave a sucker to both S. and R. I told them they could have them after eating lunch, and S. made sure to eat her empanada the fastest she's ever eaten! 

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