Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Madre's Visit: Day 7

Today was another busy day! There's a DELICIOUS pizza restaurant here called Sole Mio. I've only discovered it over the past few months, and it's been a great find. We went there for lunch today and had mushroom pizza with chocolate mousse for dessert. As expected, it was really yummy!

Then we walked around the area near the restaurant. It's near my church, but as it's not super close to the baby home or any of the other houses, I don't go down there much to eat or shop. 

We wanted to visit Simon PatiƱo's "city house," Palacio Portales, while we were in the area. We knew there were English tours in the afternoon, and we thought about doing one as you can apparently only enter the house if you're on a tour. We arrived just as the gates were opening but were still an hour early for the English tour. We decided to just explore the gardens instead. They were pretty, and even though we couldn't go inside of the house, we were able to peek into a few windows!

We made it back home just as the babies were waking up from their naps. We bathed Baby C., and then got to work on banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow. 

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