Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Baby Shawer" for Rosi!

Tía Rosi's baby is due next month, but due to some pregnancy complications, she had to go on maternity leave early. Casa de Amor had planned on having a baby shower for her at the end of July, but that didn't happen as she hasn't been working for a couple weeks (and won't be back until after the baby is born). To make up for it, some of the tías planned a shower for her tonight!

She was shocked and so surprised! When she and her family walked through the door, we all screamed "Surprise!" and she started crying. I don't think it could've been pulled off much better!

We were thrilled to hear she is pregnant again, and it's another girl (she already has one of each)! She's a wonderful mom and loves babies so much. We can't wait to watch her with another one of her own!

 Yovana and Techy peeking through the curtain to see if Rosi had arrived.


Snack table

I didn't realize until Lindsey pointed it out that Baby C. and I matched! We also both had on blue jeans.

 How many squares of toilet paper does it take to wrap around Rosi's belly?

Tía Sarin picked too few squares!

Tía Techy's guess was almost perfect!

Carla wins!

 Time for presents!

 Rosi's daughter came over about halfway through to help open gifts.

Bolivians have this weird tradition at baby showers… If the person guesses the gift-giver correctly, she gets to draw something on the gift-giver's face. If she guesses incorrectly, the gift-giver gets to draw on her face.

 This little diva got to come to the party!

 When I told Tía Yovana I wanted to take a picture with her, she said "Make sure our daughter is in it too!"

 This is probably the worst cell phone picture ever… but I was so excited to see this crazy tía and friend again! The last time I saw her was at her baby shower back in January… and now her little baby is 2 months old!

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

Yeah for new babies!!! Rosi is so great with babies. I still well remember when she was pregnant with her first daughter! I have been wondering about Roxana - thanks for the picture!