Monday, July 7, 2014

Madre's Visit: Day 6

Today was a busy day, too! After a quick early birthday celebration for Tía Yovana, we went to Houses 2-3 to visit the big boys and girls. 

After a little time at each house, we went back to La Cancha. We did not really have a plan for what to buy/where to go, except that Madre wanted to buy a bar of the magical green soap we use to hand-wash clothes and diapers. After eating silpancho for lunch, we wandered around for a bit and then wandered upon the section with blankets and frazadas (thick wool blankets that everyone uses here). We bought two of the frazadas (one for me and one for Madre to bring home), and then walked around some of the other areas of La Cancha. 

We had to make it back home before the evening as we had to take baby Eduardo to his doctor's appointment. He had to get new chest x-rays this morning, and the doctor said that it appears that the pneumonia in his lungs is better but not totally. With reflux as severe as his is, we know surgery is imminent, so we're doing everything we can to clear up the pneumonia and keep him healthy for this next month. 

We picked up Pollo Sabroso (a delicious restaurant just down the street from the baby home) on our way home and made it back just in time to work a night shift. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures… I didn't take many today!


Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

It's a watermelon!! So cute!

Denise Hershberger said...

Love the pollo place you mentioned!

and you can get the bar laundry soap in the States! Just find a place with a Latino section!