Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Madre's Visit: Day 8

Today is Madre's last day, so we didn't plan too much. The only thing we wanted to do was go to the tourist shops at the Correo. She had already bought several souvenirs in La Cancha but had a few more things she wanted to buy. 

We were only out for a couple hours as we had to make it back home in time for another delicious Bolivian lunch- Sopa de Maní! It's one of  my favorite meals here (and definitely my favorite soup!), and we hadn't had it yet. It was on our menu for today, but I made sure to consult again with Tía Silvia to ensure that it really was the food she was planning on making for lunch! She knew I wanted Madre to eat Sopa de Maní before she left, so she was happy to make it. 

We spent the afternoon back at the baby house. We kept Baby C. downstairs with us while Madre was packing. We had to skip out on dinner to head to the airport. 

This week flew by! Come back soon, Madre (Grandma)!

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