Friday, July 4, 2014

Madre's Visit: Day 3

Today was a busy day! This morning was spent at the baby home (we cooked lunch!) and then we went to La Cancha in the afternoon...

S. LOVES ponytails, hairclips, and headbands. My mom brought a bag of my sister's old hairclips for her. I asked her if she wanted to choose one to wear today, and after much deliberation, she chose no less than 15 clips and said "I just can't pick one. I like them all!"

O. and A.M. (not pictured) came over so O. could have her speech therapy class.

Somehow the big kids managed to get locked in their bedroom. As we were unable to unlock the door from the outside and they were unable to unlock the door from the inside, plan 2 came in to action! We'd just rescue them from the window! 

None of the tías were really thrilled at the prospect of climbing up to the big kids' bedroom and bringing them down the rickety ladder. It just so happened that our water has been out the past few days, but a man from the water company was at the house re-filling up our tank. He was happy to climb up and help us!

After sending up a butcher knife with the water guy, he was able to use it to unlock the door and free the kids!

Tía Mari and Tía Nilda rejoicing together that our kids were free!

We asked Tía Silvia if we could cook a "Louisiana Lunch" this morning, and although VERY hesitant, she agreed!

Browning the meat and cooking the green onions

Lunch is ready!

Dirty Rice

Green Bean Casserole

It turned out very yummy!

 The tías were pretty hesitant as well to even try the food… Everyone went back for either seconds or thirds, so I'd say it was a hit!

 We spent the afternoon in La Cancha, and my mom bought Baby C. this new walker! We had an old one at the baby home, but the seat broke this morning while she was in it and she fell to the floor. As today is also her 10 month birthday (check back for a post on that!), this was her birthday present!

Loving her new toy!

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