Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Pictures

Just some pictures of our weekend…

 We've had a group from Holland visiting us for the past 2 weeks. They've been busy with a lot of work projects in the homes. Saturday morning they stopped by the three houses to say goodbye to the kids. 

 Our group headed to Horita Feliz!

 J. asked me if she could play with Baby C. on the seesaw for her first time… C. LOVED it!

 Initially R. didn't want to play on the playground, but after a few minutes, she pointed to the swings and said she wanted to play.

 SOOOOO happy to see this girl! S. is doing great at House 3, although she did ask me several times if I would take her back to the baby house with me. When I told her she had to stay at her house, she suggested I just spend the night at her house and "we could share her bed!" 

 E. thought it was more fun to stand in the middle of the seesaw!

 S. lived next door to Horita Feliz when he lived with the Boohers, and it was interesting to see his reaction to being back at Horita Feliz (he hasn't been since moving back to the baby house). After a few minutes, he warmed up to it all and did great!

 Can you guess which of these three has been trained since birth to smile for the camera?!

 We stopped for buñuelos before church!

 I think M. was still stuffed from breakfast… He almost always requests more, but his half of a buñuelo was enough.

 I should've known our outing was going too well… Right after this picture was taken she choked on her pizza crust and puked all over herself and the floor.

Eating her favorite meal :)

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Thank you, Hannah for all the pictures. So glad to see that S. got to go to Horita Feliz. Also glad to hear that he did well. Thank you for taking him!! Miss you guys and the little ones as well...