Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recent Pictures

Just some recent pictures…

 This is actually from a few weeks ago, but it hasn't been posted yet. Here's the backstory… All of the babies were sick, and we suspected rotovirus. Carmin's pediatrician requested lab work to be done to find out for sure… so I had to collect her poop and pee samples. This may be TMI, but in case you don't know, a symptom of rotovirus is diarrhea, so it doesn't take long to get a sample… Urine on the other hand was a different story! After forcing liquids into her all afternoon, she finally decided to pee at 10pm. Lindsey and I RUSHED to the clinic with the sample, and apparently we arrived 15 minutes late as it was already closed… Lindsey was wonderful enough to offer taking the urine sample at 7am the next morning! And just in case you were wondering… Rotovirus was confirmed.

 V. is such a pretty little girl!

 S. loves to "help" with the babies. She told me she was "doing exercises" with baby G.!

I spy a baby in the laundry pile! 

 These three came to church with me this morning!

 Is it not normal to eat lunch with two fingers up your nose?!

 I took this little guy to get a chest x-ray last week… He had heart surgery back in May, and every thing looks great!

Lindsey playing Bananagrams alone in isolation… Pobrecita! 

When you're nearly 4 years old, choosing which piñata you want for your birthday party might be the hardest decision you'll ever have to make… This was the winning selection!

 Several of the boys got haircuts recently, and L. looks so much older with his short hair!

Before the Boohers left, they had a sandbox put in at the baby house. The kids have so much fun playing in it!

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