Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, N. and S.! Part 2

The birthday festivities continued after dinner!

 That would be the face of a birthday girl who thinks she may not get to open the piñata because she hasn't finished dinner.

 The kids LOVE balloons!

Tía Yovana held the piñata up for the kids.

 All sorts of goodies fell out!

She begged and begged for a piñata, and it did not disappoint! She was picking up candy and toys faster than anyone else.

N. stashed her candy in her skirt, too!

S. really liked these tiny jello treats!

Even Baby C. collected a toy!

 Such a cheesy smile!

 Time to open presents!

N. and S. with some of their gifts.

 S. loves glasses and didn't take off her new sunglasses for the rest of the night!

Opening up another present!

 It's a baby doll!

Her last request was a sleepover with me. She wanted to watch a movie, and chose Buscando a Nemo (Finding Nemo)!

 She also wanted to paint her nails… She is such a girly girl!

I told her we were going to wait to open up her baby doll tomorrow, but she kept telling me that we needed to open it up before she went to sleep because her baby was crying for milk. How could I say no to that?!

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