Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, N. and S.! Part 1

Today was the day we've all been counting down for! It is (in S.'s words) "FINALLY" her 4th birthday and N.'s 2nd birthday! We have a lot planned and lots of pictures, so I'll split this post into two posts. Enjoy :)

 I had a night shift last night, and Tía Nilda and I decorated the girls' beds with balloons before we went to bed last night… They loved the surprise this morning!

"It's FINALLY my birthday! FINALLY!"

Nothing like cupcakes for breakfast! They were banana cupcakes though which makes them totally healthy ;)

I think she would've eaten all of the cupcakes had we let her!

 The slowest eater in the world chowed down today!

 The dining room was silent this morning… I'd say those cupcakes were a success!

A. wasn't quite sure about her breakfast! After tasting it, she decided it wasn't too bad!

 She's not been feeling well the past few days and has been refusing to eat almost every thing, but she was magically healed for her cupcake!

 Yes, I took her out in public with those glasses! We had a big outing planned…

To get her ears pierced! She's been begging for earrings multiple times a day for months… I think she thought it might never happen! I mentioned that I was going to take her to get her ears pierced for her birthday, and she's been reminding me about it ever since. Well, today was the big day! 

 I think she regretted begging me so much right after she got them pierced, but after she saw herself in the mirror, she thought they looked pretty great!

 Randomly throughout the day she kept saying "I finally have pierced ears like the tías!" and "My little bears (her earrings) are so pretty!"

Our newest 2 year old!

Birthday girls dressed up for their party!

 S.'s aunt and uncle came over for her party and brought this cake for the girls.

 The birthday girls with S.'s cousins

 The party was clearly too much fun for this one ;)

 Before blowing out the candles, S. said "First we need to sing the happy birthday song, then we can blow out the candles, and then N. can bite the cake!"

 Of course we couldn't make it through her party without her screaming at least once! This tantrum was due to us telling her to bite her cake.

In the end, S. did agree to bite the cake as long as no one pushed her face in to it!

 Apparently it was a bigger deal than she thought it would be… She was less than thrilled to have icing on her face!

 Just smear some icing on her face and she's much happier!

S.'s little brother, L., loved his cake! He's learning how to feed himself and had no problem eating it independently.

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

(Hope this isn't a repeat comment! Lost internet in the middle of posting.) Thanks so much for making such a special day for our two "cumpleaneras"!! N is SO big and so cute! I still best remember her as a tiny newborn. :)