Friday, August 1, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, A.!

Today we celebrated A.'s 11th birthday! She's not only the oldest girl at Casa de Amor, but also the oldest of all of our kids. 

Tonight we celebrated with all of the girls. Danyelle brought over a cake, Tía Luz and Jhosi made rainbow jello, and we made milkshakes. After dinner and her birthday treats, the girls put on some music, got out the tambourines, and danced! Then it was time to put the little ones to bed, and the big girls got to watch a movie.

Tía Rosa had come over with S. from the baby house, so since it was getting late, we didn't stay for the movie, although I'm certain S. would've loved it. We had fun, and I think A. did too! 

 Only A. was allowed to play games on Danyelle's phone since it was her birthday… The other girls were pretty jealous!

I guess A.M. thought that us telling J. to smile for the camera wasn't enough!

The girls are so excited that S. will be moving to their house next week!

Tía Anita is SO sweet with S. when she comes over to visit! She always makes sure the girls include her in what they are doing and she tells her how excited she is for S. to arrive.

 O. waiting on the other girls to get to the table to the celebration can begin.

How cool does this jello look?!

 Tía Anita is by far A.'s favorite tía, and I know they were both happy that Tía Anita was working yesterday.

 Time to blow out the candle!

 The girls singing "Happy Birthday!"

 A. was adamant that no one push her face into the cake, so she actually stood behind their chairs as she took a bite!

Danyelle and A. after biting the cake

 S. with O., her new mejor amiga at House 3!

Time to get out the tambourines!

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