Monday, August 4, 2014

6 de Agosto Parade

6 de Agosto (August 6) is Bolivia's Independence Day. As students have the day off, the schools celebrate in the days before the holiday. Several schools in close proximity have a big parade together (this happens all over the city). The students dress up, some play instruments in a band, and they all walk together in celebration of Bolivia.

This morning, I went to the parade for O. and J.'s school. Danyelle also came to watch, and we ended up walking alongside the girls in the parade. 

As you can see from the picture, O. dressed up as a nurse. If you're confused, you're not alone… I have no idea what that had to do with the holiday! J. was a "libertadora" (liberator) with her fancy dress and "chains." They both did great at the parade! It was quite a bit of walking for little kids, but they never complained or seemed bored. 

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