Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother's Day with the Tías!

This evening, Casa de Amor hosted a Mother's Day dinner for all of the tías. We left the babies in the very capable hands of some Hospitals of Hope volunteers, and the older boys and girls were able to join us at the party. It is always so much fun to have all of the tías together since it rarely happens!

Nilda, Mari, and I

Claudia, Yovana, and Lucy

 We played a game and to find our groups, we each had a card with an animal name on it. We had to make the animal's sound.

Team Vaca: Rosi, Claudia, Lucy, Serafina, Luz, and I! Of course this dream team won! House 2 (boys' house where the party was) has a garden and had a big cabbage crop so cabbage was the prize for the winners. 

Our dinner! Tía Jheny has worked on and off for Casa de Amor (as an employee and replacement tía) for the past year and a half. She and her husband raise pigs and sold one to us for the party. We also had chicken, potatoes, and veggies.

 Nilda loved the potatoes! 

 Some of the big kids eating dinner.

 Rudi, Clancy, and Myles Booher and some friends eating dinner.

 Tío David came over to help cook!

 Feliz Cumpleaños Jennifer! Jennifer, Casa de Amor's Founder and Director, celebrated her birthday on May 24th, but we wanted to celebrate with everyone at the party. Silvia and I made one of the largest and heaviest cakes I've seen! Two days, four cakes, and a couple cake disasters later, it was finished and very yummy! Unfortunately, Jennifer wasn't able to come to the party to eat it… so Tío David told me I had to send her a picture of it… here it is, Jenn!

 Benita cooks for the big kids!

 Tía Adelaida and M. enjoying some yummy food!

 O. and Jazmin, Tía Rosi's daughter

 The tías called Jennifer to sing her "Happy Birthday!"

A.M. and I as the party was ending… We were waiting on everyone to load up in the trufi to head back to the girls' house!

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

Somehow I missed this post! Thanks for the picture of my cake, ha. You and Silvia are great cooks, I'm sure it was tasty!! :)