Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, Tía Lucy!

Tomorrow is a big day for birthdays (Tía Lucy, K., and B.)! Tía Lucy works today instead of on her actual birthday tomorrow, so we celebrated a day early. Somehow she missed out on getting eggs and flour in her hair… Since she was one of the masterminds behind doing it to me on my birthday, I may need to plan on us doing it to her on Saturday as a final celebration ;)

Our yummy morning snack!

We turned our celebration into a picnic in the playroom!

Tía Yovana tried to take a picture with M., and he wanted no part of it! He was finally happy and willing to smile after she left him alone.

Time for our guest of honor to bite the cake! I specifically remember them telling her that they wouldn't push her face into it…

Big liars! haha Lucky for her, the frosting was a bit hard and also thin so nothing actually got on her face!

Looks like someone wasn't allowed to have cake after not finishing her breakfast!

Just give this girl cake and pizza, and we'll never have to deal with her having malnutrition again! 

Well, it appears that she got some cake after all!

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