Monday, May 12, 2014

An Hour with O.

Twice a week, I pick up four of our girls from school. The younger two, O. and J., are dismissed at 4:30pm because they're in pre-school and kindergarten, respectively. At 5:30pm, S. is dismissed, so we have an hour to keep ourselves busy while waiting for S. Then, we have to race across town to pick up A.M. from her school at 5:45pm. It can be a bit of a rush to get everyone, but I always enjoy the time I get to spend with them.

Today, J. didn't go to school, so I just had to entertain O. for an hour. In an effort to keep her from running around her school and disturbing other classes, I took her on a walk. Right down the street from her school is an abandoned school bus, which neither of us knew about. It was too cute! O. LOVED climbing aboard and pretending she was riding the bus (school buses don't really exist here, so she thought it was pretty cool that a school would have a bus to pick up and drop off the kids).

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