Friday, May 23, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, B. y K.!

Today we celebrated the 3rd birthday of K. and the 7th birthday of B.! It was a very special day for two very special kids! We decided it would be the most fun for everyone if we had one big birthday party for both kids. After school, everyone went to house 2 (boys' house) for lunch and cake. I don't think K. really understood that it was his birthday, but B. was SO excited about her birthday! Apparently she wanted to spend the night with me at house 1 like Ana Maria and Shyrlen did for their birthdays, but she didn't tell me she wanted to until it was too late… So she'll get to come over another weekend!

Tía Johanna and B. are especially close, and before Johanna left, she left behind a birthday gift for B. Imagine B's surprise when I told her who her gift was from! She was THRILLED! She had the biggest smile and asked me several times if I was going to send all of the pictures from her birthday to Johanna. I also heard her tell some of the other kids "Look what Tía Johanna sent me!" She didn't realize her gift had actually been left here instead of being sent to her, but it wouldn't have made a difference to her. She carried around and played with her little teaset for the rest of the afternoon!

 The girl who insists on pushing every person's head into their cake was adamant that we NOT come near her as she took a bite of her cake!

As the girls were loading up into the car to go back to their house, K. came over to the back to climb in like he used to do when he lived at the baby house. When we told him he would be staying at his house, he started sobbing. It was so pathetic! He is doing great at house 2, and I don't think he really misses any of us at the baby house, but seeing the car definitely brought back some memories for him!

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