Sunday, May 25, 2014

Busy Sunday

We started off our Sunday by going to church! With only 3 big kids and Baby C., it almost felt like we didn't have anyone!  

Tía Techy invited the Boohers (who then invited Lindsey and I and two of their friends from church) to come over to her house to eat chicharron (fried pork). They had killed their own pig for the chicharron. 

Tía Rosi (Techy's sister) was there with her family, too! 

The Boohers brought their violins and guitar and sang some songs for us. One of the songs had some Quechua and Tía Techy's family LOVED it!

Some of the kids watching the Boohers play.

 Some more of the crowd

 Rudi let some of the kids hold his violin after they finished playing some songs. This is Sergio, Tía Yovana's son.

 Tía Rosi and her son, Gustavo

 Tía Rosi's daughter, Jazmin

 Love this sweet girl! Micaela is Tía Yovana's niece. She LOVES Baby C. and was so disappointed that she wasn't there.

After leaving Tía Techy's house, we had a volunteer night. Some of the more athletic people in our group played Wally-Ball (basically indoor volleyball), but Lindsey, Heather (Jennifer's sister who is here visiting) and I sat outside and watched them. They had this really small door to enter the wally-ball court, and I could walk in and out without ducking my head. This picture isn't exactly an exact representation of how small the door was compared to Jake because he was on his tiptoes.

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