Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures

We've had a busy weekend, and I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few…

 Sometimes eating independently leads to api up to your eyebrows…

E. in time-out. I'm not sure he's thinking long and hard about what he did!

When Lindsey and I went upstairs to get the babies up before Horita Feliz, we found both of them with their faces decorated! No one would fess up, and they instead named two year old E. (pictured above) as the one to blame. Maybe that's why he was in time-out!

 Not only did both have whiskers like a cat, but they also had our names written across their foreheads. The tías told us that is because if they get separated from us at Horita Feliz, someone will know exactly to whom they belong (since they don't talk yet)!

 We were supposed to have some sort of exam in our Horita Feliz class, so Lindsey and I went next door to the Boohers' house for a little impromptu photo shoot with the babies.

Every week when Horita Feliz is over, all of the kids receive a snack (piece of bread, chocolate milk, and either a banana or mandarin orange). Even though Baby C. and Baby A. can't eat the snack, Gladys (the wonderful woman who runs Horita Feliz with her husband, Richard) always gives us one for them, too. This week, when Horita Feliz ended and they passed out snacks, they realized Lindsey and I had escaped to avoid the exam and bagged up snacks for us and the babies anyway!

 Playing together on the slide!

 I love this picture of Baby A.!

The "Raquel Face"~ We've been meaning to take a picture of us doing this face at the same time she is doing her classic face, but we haven't done it yet. We don't look nearly as adorable as Raquel does while making this face, but it'll have to do! 

 Even Baby C. was attempting the "Raquel face!" She just needs to stick her tongue out and close one eye a little bit more!

 She crawls EVERYWHERE now!

 After Lindsey was in on Baby C. being hidden from me not once but twice while at the Boohers' house, I hid Baby A. from her. I don't think she was happy about it! As you can see in the photo, he spent the rest of the evening strapped to her in an aguayo!

After having dinner with the Boohers, I took Baby C. with me to the girls' house to spend the night! O. loves to pretend that she's me and chose to carry around the bag that weighed more than she does, while declaring "Look girls! I'm Tía Hannah!"

The rest of my pictures from last night came out blurry, but Mamá S. (as I call S.) was totally in her element helping care for Baby C.! She made sure Baby C. had individual attention every second we were at her house and helped me a lot. She likes changing diapers and clothes and even fed Baby C. her breakfast this morning!

Baby C. slept peacefully in her frazada bed on the floor!

I ended up going to church with the girls this morning, but after taking some pictures last night, I didn't take any more today.

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

LOVE the Raquel face!!!!!! (By the way, Tia Maria now has funds to do the medical stuff for her and baby A. Just check with her if you're wondering about details!)