Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Picture Post

Life has been busy, and I've not had much time for blogging these past couple of weeks. Rather than trying to catch up right now, I thought I'd just upload some recent pictures of life at Casa de Amor!

Lindsey and I went shopping for baby clothes one afternoon, and she found a 9 month version of some 24 month-sized pajamas that M. wears all of the time! Now Baby A. and M. can be twins at night! 

 Baby C. so badly wants to pull up on the side of her crib. Nearly every morning I find her turned on to the stomach and reaching up!

 The kids LOVE helping the tías peel habas (a type of bean). Not only is it a help to the tías, but also a great fine motor activity for our toddlers!

One afternoon, Tía Rosa (CDA's Administrator and Social Worker) came down to my room to ask if I had my camera to take a picture of Tía Yovana and M. napping together. Tía Yovana's group can usually be found snuggled up with kids during nap time.

Sometimes in the afternoon we change diapers in one of the kids' bedrooms instead of the big playroom, and it's a little dangerous to have the babies laying on the floor. On this particular afternoon, we kept the babies contained in the laundry baskets while we folded clothes :) 

Baby A. the Pirate

 Before Baby C. really started crawling, she and Baby F. did a weird dragging themselves along type of crawling. We used to lay them next to each other and see who could get to a toy first!

 I'd cry too if I had that combination of clothing!

100 bolivianos in coins… Coins are basically sacred here as we use them for transportation. While at the girls' house one day, one of the tías offered me 100 bolivianos in coins for a 100 boliviano bill, so I of course took her up on her offer! I'm set for trufi money for awhile now! 

 Tío Rudi feeding a quick lunch to E., S., and A. They don't normally eat lunch on the kitchen counter, but they were rushed on this particular day so feeding them assembly-line style was the quickest way!

 Sweet A… Can't wait until she's back at the baby home!

O. and I at her Mother's Day luncheon for her class.

Why S. asked me to take this picture of her is still a mystery!

Baby G. (our littlest at the baby house) has started smiling!

 When picking up the big kids from school, sitting in the back with the window open is the preferred spot!

 I might have already posted this picture… Elizabeth, Baby D., me, Lindsey, and Melanie. Elizabeth and Melanie both came short-term to help Baby D. before, during, and after his heart surgery. This picture was taken at the Boohers' house on the day Baby D. was discharged from the hospital!

 R. and I before church

Savannah, a former volunteer, helped raise money for our new washing machine and asked if I could take some pictures of the kids with it to send to some people who donated. The tías never asked what we were doing but looked at us like we had lost our minds as we were taking these pictures before church one morning!

 It's never too early to start potty-training…

 Baby D. is doing SO well after his heart surgery! This picture was taken last Friday afternoon.

M. loves to have his picture taken!

Baby E. hanging out in the playroom!

N. and I last Saturday morning.

 Lindsey and I with our babies!

One Saturday morning, Lindsey and I were sitting in the room and happened to glance out of the door. Guess who we found just peacefully hanging out in the doorway?! The tías still refuse to tell us who left the babies there or why! 

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