Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Saturday in Pictures

My camera hasn't been working, so that's why there has been a lack of blog posts lately. As I told Jennifer this morning, cell phone pictures just aren't the same… but this post is for you, Jenn! ;)

Baby G. fell asleep like this on the floor after his bath this morning… We thought he looked too cute!

We have a new centerpiece for our table!

Baby C. being her usual adorable self during lunch! She starts smiling as soon as she sees the camera!

 Heading out to Horita Feliz… S. and A. are still living with the Boohers, but as they will be moving back to the baby house soon, they came over and spent the morning with us today and then came with us to Horita Feliz!

 V. is so photogenic!

S. eating her snack… That blur in the background is N., begging for more oranges. Our rule is that they must stay in their class if they want to eat their snack afterwards. For the first time, N. stayed in her class, and I think she probably ate her weight in oranges after class as she was making up for the many weeks she didn't get to eat one!

M. loves the little bags of chocolate milk!

R. is a big fan of the oranges, too!

 You may notice that this outfit is different than the one in our group picture… Baby C. decided to blowout her diaper down to her toes on our way to Horita Feliz! Luckily, I had a change of clothes in the car for her, but she still looked like a little ragamuffin. 

 E. and S. lived together at the Boohers' house, but now that E. is back at the baby house, they don't see each other as often. It was so fun to watch them playing together at Horita Feliz. When it was over, they held hands and ran circles around the building, laughing the whole time!

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