Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Night Celebration

Once a year, Casa de Amor holds a "Family Night" party. All of the staff members are invited as well as the families of the staff. Our big kids from Houses 2-3 also come to the party, and this year, we brought all of our big kids and Baby C. from the baby house! 

This morning was filled with lots of food preparation. Tía Silvia, our cook at the baby house, was in charge of the hamburgers, so she spent all morning getting those ready. Tía Benita, the cook at Houses 2-3, was in charge of the condiments, cooking the chorizo hotdogs, and getting all of the lettuce/tomato cut up for the hamburgers. The Boohers at House 4 brought drinks, and Tío David was in charge of grilling the hamburgers during the party. It really was a group effort!

We also had two birthdays to celebrate! Carla Booher's birthday was yesterday, and Tía Sarin's birthday is tomorrow. I made a cake and lots of cupcakes. Lindsey also made chocolate chip cookies. The cupcakes and cookies were all gone in about 30 seconds. We did have Carla and Tía Sarin blow out birthday candles and bite the cake as we sang "Happy Birthday!" (in both English and Spanish, of course), but I don't think we actually cut into the cake during the party. 

I wish I had more and better pictures, but I only had my cell phone for pictures, and they didn't come out so great. The Boohers were taking lots of pictures though, so hopefully I'll be able to steal some from them ;)

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