Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's a girl!

I've been telling everyone at the baby home that I want us to receive a newborn baby girl. It's only taken 3 months, but yesterday, she arrived and she's perfect! 

So to backtrack a bit... Yesterday afternoon, Emily Booher and I were sitting outside at the baby home when two women came to the gate. Each was holding a baby. They said they were from SEDEGES (like Social Services in the USA), so I immediately hoped the babies would be for us! One was wrapped up in a blanket and so tiny, and the other was a little boy, probably about a year old. We went upstairs with them, and they said the baby girl was ours! I was SO excited! The women didn't stay for long, and right after they left, Tía Lucy gave our new baby her first bath! We had to search for clothes tiny enough for her, but we did find a few things in her size. After her bath, she got her first bottle. She had a bit of trouble sucking at first, but seems to have the hang of it now!

I was planning on spending the night at the girls' house and had already asked about taking a toddler with me for the night, but as soon as our baby arrived, I wanted to take her. The tías immediately agreed, so I whisked her away for her first night with us! The girls didn't know she was coming and were thrilled upon seeing her! All I heard was "When can I hold her? Is it my turn yet? ____ has had her for a long time!"

She's basically been asleep since she arrived and she hasn't really cried. She woke up several times during the night just long enough to eat a little bit. She's really been the perfect new addition so far!

 First picture of our new arrival

Tía Lucy gave her her first bath, and she was not a fan! 

I've been waiting so long for a newborn girl! 

That morning, Tía Lucy and I were talking about how my other "hijita" (daughter), J.M., needs a little sister and how we could go about finding one for her... Then look who showed up that afternoon! 

They've already told me she's all mine!

Tía Nilda (above) and Tía Yovana taught me how to use the aguayo (the traditional baby carrier/wrap/fabric) that I just bought at La Cancha the day before... The tías told me I must have sensed she was coming!

Ready for bed

The girls LOVED having her! S. begged and begged to sleep with her and went so far as to pretend to be sleeping with her so I maybe wouldn't have the nerve to take the baby away!

These two crazy sisters woke me up at 6am, telling me that it was time for everyone to get up and for me to bring the baby downstairs! I told them I was NOT getting up at 6am, so they crawled into bed with us for some early morning snuggles with the baby!

First time to open her eyes

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Denise said...

I love it Hannah! The Tias love to tell the volunteers the NEWEST or the LOUDEST are theirs :)

I'm so happy for you that you got your newborn...can you get one for me here? haha...we're trying to get pregnant :)