Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baking Brownies

We don't eat enough sugar here for my sweet tooth, so I've gotten into the habit of baking brownies or cookies on Sunday nights. I'd bought some oreos and cream cheese at the grocery store and decided to look up a brownie recipe that would let me use both of those ingredients. I found a recipe for Oreo Cream Cheese Brownies, and they turned out delicious!

I normally do my baking alone, but tonight I had a little helper!

F.´s first job: Crush up the Oreos. After telling her and demonstrating what I wanted her to do, she looked at me like I´d lost my mind and started gently tapping the bag with her spoon. After a few more demonstrations and some prompting from all of the tías, she did actually break a few of the cookies!

Job #2: Stir the batter

Stirring the batter wasn´t quite as crazy of a request as crushing up the Oreos!

 We had newborn C. help us with the brownies... After all, it´s never too early to learn how to bake brownies!

I paid her in left-over Oreos and chocolate chips for her help!

F. showing off her brownie mix and Oreo cream cheese topping mix!

F. trying to decide which measuring spoon we needed.

F. loves to help in the kitchen, but all of that hard work made her thirsty!

Although I don´t have any pictures of the finished product, I can assure you that they were delicious! I always leave out a plate of desserts for the tías, but I´m never sure what they´ll actually like (most of it is too sugary/sweet for them). These brownies were gone by mid-morning and several commented about how much they liked them! I´ll definitely be making them again!

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

Good job (both of you)! :) Brownies are hard to make here, due to the altitude. Sounds like you're becoming an expert!!