Monday, September 9, 2013

Feliz Cumple, J.!

J. celebrated her 10th birthday back on September 1st! However, with that day being Pedestrian Day, we weren't able to actually celebrate on that day, so we celebrated the day before (you may remember the disaster cake!). 

I wanted to take her out for something special to celebrate such a big birthday, but the timing just wasn't right until this afternoon. Lydia, the volunteer at the girls' house, and I gave her the option of going to Globos, Dumbo's, or YogenFruz (my choice because it just opened and I love frozen yogurt!). She chose Globos, so off we went!

She chosed an Eeyore ice cream sundae. I think she really chose it for the gummy bear ice cream and sugar mold of Eeyore's face! 

J. had a lot of fun playing and climbing in the playset, too! I had thought about asking her if she wanted to choose one of the other girls to come with us, because I thought it might be more fun if she had someone to play with, but I never asked and I think she was excited that she was going alone. She did make friends with a little girl who was also playing, so she wasn't lonely like I thought she might be!

Eeyore is actually called "Iggor" here!

J. with her ice cream sundae!

She loved playing in the pirate ship playset but stopped long enough for me to take a quick picture!

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Denise said...

A frozen yogurt place??? MAN! you're killing me Hannah! Frozen yogurt, a newborn baby, all of our other precious kids, Jen having a baby soon...way too many awesome things happening down there! Thanks for sharing!