Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chau and Hola!

So many of our kids are leaving (15 adoptions so far this year!), and more have been coming! Of course they'll never replace the ones who are leaving, but it's been fun to be around for the new kids' arrivals!

This morning, we said goodbye to P.! He spent a couple days at his parents' house before the adoption was official, and he came back to visit us this afternoon. He was absolutely glowing, as were his parents! They are all in love! Unfortunately, I didn't realize when they left that it was for good, so I missed my chance to say goodbye (and take pictures!). I'm hoping they'll come back for a visit! He was definitely one of the most loved kids here!

Then, this afternoon, we received a new little girl, V.! She's having a bit of a rough transition, so keep her in your prayers. She's 1 year 8 months, so she's old enough to realize that we're not her family. She didn't cry much during the day, but it finally hit her at bedtime and she was NOT happy! 

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