Monday, December 23, 2013

Exciting times at Casa de Amor!

I'm still waiting to receive my background check, but I thought I'd give you a little update on life at the baby home…

Feliz cumpleaños to M., one of our silly toddlers! Today, he turns 2 years old! As a side note… Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. He was assigned adoptive parents and met them a few days after I left. From what I've been told, the adoption won't be finalized as planned, and he should be assigned new adoptive parents. Hopefully this next year will be a big one for him :)

Two year old R.'s adoption was completed recently! Her parents have been desperate to pick her up for awhile now, so I was very excited to hear that she was finally able to go with them! To give you a bit of background, her birthmother gave her up as a newborn to a childless couple, and they cared for her until she was a year and a half. When the police found out the couple was caring for a child that was not legally theirs, they took R. away, and she came to Casa de Amor. Her dedicated parents visited her several times a week as they went through the process to legally make her their daughter. The tías appreciated the help her mother provided on her visits, and the other kids (and tías and volunteers, too!) always enjoyed the snacks and other sweet treats her parents brought along for everyone! As excited as we are for her and her parents, we'll definitely miss her feisty, fun personality! It's not going to be the same without her!

This sweet girl went home with her new FAMILY today! I saw several adoptions over the past 6 months, and there have been a couple families who have been absolutely adored by the tías. Baby S.'s parents are loved by all! We can't wait to watch their lives together unfold!

And there's going to be another adoption before the end of the year! Tío Jake and Tía Jenny (Jennifer is the founder/director of CDA) are adopting the three oldest boys from Casa 2! We think this adoption may have been the best kept secret in Casa de Amor's history. When the process was pretty far along, a few key clues about the new family leaked and at least one of the boys guessed who the parents were, but for the most part, they had no idea! If all goes well, the boys should spend their first night with their new family on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine a better Christmas morning than waking up in your new house with new parents and a baby sister?! Of course we're very excited for them, too!

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