Sunday, December 1, 2013


Early this morning, we were surprised by the arrival of a new baby! Around 7am, the police called and asked us if we would take in an 8 month old. The tías said it would be okay, but no one knew when the baby would actually arrive because today is "Día del Peatón" (Pedestrian Day), and there aren't any cars allowed on the road. Tía Rosi came out to my room to tell me about the phone call, and as we were talking, the doorbell rang! We both ran outside to see who it was, and it was the police with our newest addition!

All we know at this point was that she was found alone in the street at about 6am. The police picked her up and had her to us by 8am. No one knows her name, and they estimated her to be 8 months. 

She was sleeping when she arrived, but after she woke up, she showed us a little of her personality! She's really sweet and seems to be a bit reserved, but she did cry a little this afternoon... no doubt missing her mother. She crawls and pulls herself up to stand, but she isn't walking yet (it definitely won't be long though!). We think she's more like 10-11 months old. 

Hopefully the police will be able to find out who she is (I hate that we don't know her name!) and how she ended up in the street. For now, we're happy that she's with us!

Update 12/3: Sweet "Liliana" as we were calling her has already left us! She was a lost child, and her mother picked her up this afternoon.

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