Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's in a name?

I've never really blogged before, so I'm not sure where to start! Some of you may be wondering where the name "Another Pin on the Map" comes from, so I guess I'll start there...

A few years ago, my mom bought me a giant world map to hang on my wall. Not long after hanging it up, I added a few (push) pins to places I'd travelled. The more I've travelled, the more pins that I have added. On the sidebar, you can see the list of countries I've travelled to. On my map, I've pinned the cities, but that list is a little too long to type out! 

I've been really fortunate to have travelled every where that I have, especially at such a young age. My goal is to visit every continent at least once. Obviously I hit North America by living here. I first travelled to Europe in 2007, Africa and Australia in 2008, and South America in 2009. I've been back to a few of those continents since and have started this blog to document my return to South America (this time to Bolivia) this summer.

I'd also like to say that as much as I love travelling and seeing new places, I also love volunteering and spreading a little good wherever I go. Sightseeing is great and it's fun, but just by sightseeing, I don't feel like I can really immerse myself in a culture. Although I'll never be a local, I like living with the locals and learning about life from their perspective. Living in a new place is a challenge, but one I am ready to take on! 

If you'd like to follow along, click on the "Join this site" link over on the right. I'm not totally sure, but I think you can have posts sent to your email. Please feel free to sign up and leave comments (you can leave comments even if you don't sign up though!)... I'd love to hear what you're thinking or answer any questions about myself, this trip, Casa de Amor, etc!

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