Thursday, May 30, 2013

Made it to Cochabamba!

I arrived in Cochabamba at about 9am yesterday! Jennifer and Danyelle, the volunteer at the girls' home, came to pick me up at the airport. I will be living at the baby home, and there are 16 babies here. My room is not actually in the house, but it is behind the house. I haven't taken many pictures yet, but I'll upload them when I do.

After arriving here, we went up to the playroom so I could meet the babies. They are precious! It's day 2, and I think I have most of the baby girls figured out. Several of the baby boys look alike to me, so I'm still unsure of their names.

I think we stayed at the baby home for about an hour. On Wednesdays, Danyelle has to pick up Jhosi from school, so I went with her and then we went to the girls' home. Jhosi is blind so she goes to a school for the blind that is about a 45 minute trufi ride away. She is very sweet and kept asking for "besitos y abrazos" (hugs and kisses) while we were in the truck. Back at the girls' home I was able to meet everyone. They are a fun bunch! My Spanish is definitely lacking, so that was hard. I know it will get better with some more practice though. 

Before dinner, we loaded up in Casa De Amor's van and went over to the boys' home. Danielle is brave enough to drive us around... not sure that I would be! I think I only really learned one of the boys' names, so I'll need to work on that! We stayed there for a few hours and ate dinner there too. On the way back to the girls' home, they dropped me off at the baby home. I don't remember the last time I was that tired! I planned on going straight to bed, but when I got home, the 2 tías working the night-shift asked if I wanted to have some tea and bread with them, so I did. We talked for a little bit, and they were both very nice. They followed me to my room to make sure I had enough blankets because it's pretty cold at night. I think I ended up with 5 blankets and stayed warm all night! It was wonderful to finally be able to sleep!

Now for today, I slept in pretty late. Carlee, the volunteer at the boys' home, came over at about 11, so went upstairs to play with the babies. I am not scheduled to work any shifts yet, but I spent a few hours with the babies before they went down for a nap. The tías have been really helpful so far. Today they taught me how to make/fold/change cloth diapers... something I have never done before!

I think naptime ends around 4pm, so I have a couple hours to relax. I need to unpack some more. My room is a disaster!

One more thing, my laptop charger doesn't fit into the converter/adapter I brought, so I have no way to charge my laptop. So I guess that means I don't really have a way to upload pictures until I find a place to buy an adapter. I did bring my Kindle and can at least use the internet on that to blog!

The view while flying into La Paz

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