Friday, July 29, 2016

Moving Day!

Today was the much anticipated moving day! Ever since Sarah, Lindsey and I arrived back in Cochabamba, number 1 on the priority list was find apartments. Mine and Sarah's contract ends at the end of July and with school starting back on Monday (so not looking forward to that alarm!), I knew I needed to get moved in before then. 

I spent my first week back mostly at the hogar and looked up apartments online. My friend Danitza, her husband and I drove around one night too looking for apartments. Finally last Sunday in the classifieds Lindsey and I spent the day calling about possibilities for both of us. I drug Sarah and Lindsey with me to visit the apartment below and we all agreed it was the one!

I signed the contract Monday and then during the week Lindsey helped me move most of my stuff over. This morning was the day to move furniture. I have the most wonderful, helpful friends who didn't mind (well, if they did they didn't show it!) sitting outside for 2 hours waiting on the transporte to arrive and then carry all that furniture up four flights of stairs... They truly are the best!

I'll write another blog with pictures when everything is organized and decorated... I still have so much to do!

My apartment is on the top floor.

 For now this may just be the living room as I don't have a kitchen table and chairs.

 My bedroom... Love all those cabinets!

 Our apartment building has two patios. One is shared by everyone, and this one is just for me!

 Waiting on our transport truck to arrive... I'd been given the name of someone to call and had spoken with him multiple times throughout the week. I couldn't imagine there would be any issues this morning. When I called to tell him we were ready, he said that he hadn't actually written down where I told him to go and since he couldn't remember, he sent the guys with the truck to a random corner in downtown Cochabamba to wait on me, and I could call them if I wanted to tell them where to come. Seriously. After multiple phone calls, I finally got in touch with them and it seemed that they finally knew where to go. There were also blockades today which getting around a little trickier as well. After TWO HOURS of them not showing up, we gave up. Ana Rita, my co-teacher and also the most helpful friend ever, flagged down another transporte. We thought he was going to help us, but then he drove away. Right after that, the first truck arrived but she sent them away, saying we'd been waiting hours and they were too late. She then went out in search of another one and he followed her back to my house. He ended up helping me move and then went back to our other apartment and helped Sarah move into her new apartment too. 

 Sarah and I always go to the "puppy market" (an area in front of the stadium where people can sell puppies) on Sunday mornings to see all the dogs for sale. We really want one, and she wants to name it Thor. This dog came up to our door and was hanging out with us while we waited to move, and she thought he might be a Thor. It did seem like a good name for him!

 All loaded up and ready to go!

As it's my apartment, I should have probably been down there helping them move up furniture instead of taking pictures of them doing all the work! ;)

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

So happy for you, Hannah! Missing you all!
You really shouldn't be touching those street dogs, no matter what they are named!!!:)
Don't miss those beasts!