Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A visit to the USA!

Ever since we were told we aren't allowed to post pictures of our kids on the internet (new Bolivian law), blogging has been a lot more sporadic. I miss being able to show off our cute kids and all the silly things they do! We still take lots of pictures, but I guess they're just for us to enjoy... 

A lot happened in the month I was in the States. CDA is going through some big transitions, and I'll update you on that when I'm able to do so. Just know that for now, it's been so great to be back!

Hope you enjoy a random assortment of pictures... !

 I tried out a few Spanish churches while home... I drug my mother along to the first one I went to, and they gave her a print-out of the sermon in English so she was able to follow along. The people were super welcoming and friendly- almost to Belén's (our church in Cochabamba) level, but not quite!

 Amy and her children, Tommy and Cherry.

 Donuts every Sunday morning!

After 11 years at FUMCB, Bro. David retired. I was happy I was able to be there on his last Sunday!

 I had to get some documents legalized for school... I quickly received them back after the first step and was feeling pretty good about getting them done so quickly, and then realized I'd messed them up after sending them off for the next step... Legalizing documents is such a pain! 

I'm always most excited about the food when I go home... There are plenty of Bolivian foods I really like and many I've acquired a taste for, but desserts in Bolivia just don't compare to desserts in the States... Had to fill up on as much chocolate as I could!

 She's such a good hairstylist... Check her out!

 I want a dog SO BAD. My mom and sister help at the Humane Society and they recently got the most adorable little chihuahua named Lily. I really wanted to adopt her and bring her back to Bolivia with me, but I didn't have time to do all the necessary paperwork I needed to be able to bring her... I did go visit her though! Once I get settled in a new apartment, adopting a dog is number one on my list of priorities!

 Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July

Hanging out with my niece, Meatball

Our neighborhood has a new "Little Free Library" courtesy of my mother!

 We love visiting the St. Jude Dream Home every summer! Hoping we win the house... I can think of a few uses for that money ;)

My mom made this little fairy garden for Hilary's birthday... It was so cute!

 Picking up Mardi Gras float supplies for the Humane Society... Only Madre got a comfortable ride home that day!

Back in Dallas and ready to head back to La Llajta... This was the first time I came back with three suitcases and two super heavy carry-ons and it will NEVER happen again, I assure you. Walking through the Miami airport with all my stuff was the worst.

Friends from church picked me up at the airport on Sunday morning. I wanted to go to church but also wanted to go to the hogar to see the kids, but knew we'd arrive late to church if I went to pick them up. Our friends suggested we come anyway as there was a lunch after the service. I took 5 of the big girls with me and they were THRILLED to be back at Belén... as was I! It was great to see everyone again, and they were welcomed back by almost everyone in attendance... We've accepted the fact that they love our kids more than they love us, and that's okay! :)

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