Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Week of School!

This week we finished our first week of kindergarten! 

Although I taught last semester, I was a little nervous about starting with a group from the beginning of the school year. I have to say, my class this year is great! This is the first year we have 3 kinder classes, and I have 20 kids on my roll (two have never come though). After 30 kids in my class last year, the room feels a bit empty as we've had 16-18 kids each day.

The other kinder teachers are also enjoying their classes this year. We've all noticed how nice these kids are! We haven't had any name-calling or not wanting to be friends with certain kids, and they have been listening pretty well, too. 

Other than the 5:30am wakeup, it's been nice getting back into a routine every day. I remember being tired when I started teaching but I definitely wasn't this exhausted every day... I used to laugh at Sarah last year when she went to bed at 9pm, but I totally get it now! I've been in bed by about 8:30pm and asleep not longer after every night this week!

These aren't the best pictures but I wanted to show a few of my classroom...

Front of the room

Back corner has our owl word wall and the kids' cubbies and some materials. I bought the paper globes when I was in the States and planned on hanging them from the ceiling. We need to borrow a ladder from maintenance before we can hang them and just haven't gotten around to it yet!

 Other back corner... "My Family and I" is one of the first social studies themes we'll be doing and the kids will bring in pictures of their families. I'm hoping to use the half-table for small groups once we're able to start centers.

 View from the door

The disaster that was organizing their school supplies! We still have several who haven't brought their supplies yet but as I had no supplies for us to use (another teacher had to give me pencils... seriously, I had nothing), it was pretty important that we sorted out the stuff we did have!

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