Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Playroom Pics!

Say "cheese!"

He has the most hilarious yet terrifying smile for the camera!

Recognize this familiar face?! His adoption didn't work out and he was brought back… He's pretty happy about it! 

Taking his horse out for a ride!

 D. rarely speaks and instead of asking me to take his picture, he kept following me around the room and sitting at my feet.

 Now it's N.'s turn on the horse!

Always photo ready with that smile!

And so is he!

 Reunited and it feels so good!

S. and I!

 L. BEGS for the bouncy horses whenever we're in the playroom… He loves them!

 The Good Samaritan helping Baby G. who was accidentally knocked over!

 Not quite recovered from his fall!

Mama Sarah, where are you?!

Just a little stop at the barber shop!

Yet another "Los pollitos dicen…" concert!

Continuing the concert while his audience do their own thing!

New baby A. is slowly adjusting. Although he still doesn't really know how to play with toys, he's learning!

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