Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chau for Now, Sarah and Daniel!

This morning we said adios to Sarah and Daniel, two volunteers from Northern Ireland who have been here for the past six months. Not only were they great volunteers but they were also great friends to all of us! I know (and I'm sure I can speak for the kids too) I'll miss our Saturday afternoon outings, impromptu Globos trips, and their baby house visits. Sarah, and maybe Dan as well, will be back in Cochabamba in July so we don't have to wait too long to see her again! 

Although I brought a camera to the airport, this is the only picture I managed to take. They brought E. and Baby A. along, and E. insisted on carrying one of their carry-on bags. He has made unbelievable progress with Sarah and Dan's constant work with him, and they definitely have a special bond. When I took him back to House 2 after leaving the airport, the first place he went was into Sarah's room to look for her. When he saw that it was empty, he came back out saying "Tía? Tía?" The poor thing was so confused!

Sarah and Dan, safe travels and come back soon!

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