Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, E.!

E. turns 10 years old today! This afternoon, we got all of the boys and girls together to celebrate. I brought a few of our boys from the baby house over, and Jennifer and Jake came over with their family, too. Danyelle was also there so we had quite a crowd! 

Most of the afternoon was spent running around the house which is always fun. I know Edgar really loved being able to spend time with Jen and Jake's boys, and my little ones always like playing with the big kids. We put in a movie for a bit too as we set up for the party. We had cake, jello, and soda… quite a feast if you ask me! 

As an aside, Matias moved over to House 2 earlier this week and since I still haven't blogged about it… We were all excited to see him and hear how great he's doing with the big boys! He already seems so much older and is just so happy to be with them. So not only did we have a fun afternoon celebrating E.'s birthday but also a fun afternoon catching up with our baby house graduate! 

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