Saturday, May 21, 2016

#holymatrimorony of #franyelle

Today was the long-awaited wedding day of Franco and Danyelle! We've all been counting the days and the kids were so excited to be a part of their special day. As we knew she would be, Danyelle was a beautiful bride and the whole ceremony and reception was a lot of fun! The ceremony was done in both English and Spanish, and we were so impressed with how well the two cultures were combined. We joked about taking note of how it was done in case any of us would need it in the future... Unfortunately, it would appear that it won't be necessary any time soon so we'll just have to live vicariously through Danyelle and Franco! 

We stayed almost until the end of the reception and the kids would have been happy to stay longer! They loved getting to spend time with several former tías and their families, and they were just so happy to be there. As many marriages of our Bolivian friends aren't so great, we really want them to see what a Godly, healthy relationship looks like and Danyelle and Franco will be a great example to them!

I know many of you in the States are dying to see pictures, so here are a few!

Preparations for us actually began last night. Sarah ironed all the kids clothes so they'd be ready for today... Look at her being so domestic!

Getting everyone's clothes/shoes/hair accessories together before getting them changed.

Sarah, Lindsey, Chelsea, me and Susanne

She'll always be one of my very favorites in all of Bolivia :)

With Tía Marcela waiting on the wedding to begin!

 Flower girls doing their job!

Here comes the bride...

 The ceremony began with both Danyelle's and Franco's parents joining them at the front of the church.

I think it was around this point that one of the kids sitting next to me turned and asked "When is the wedding?" Obviously we didn't explain it well enough to them...

 Primer beso!

 #franyelle... Tía Daniela officially #becameamoron

Mr. and Mrs. Morón

Some of our favorites at the reception... Tía Techy, Tía Sarin, Tía Silvia, me, Tía Marcela, Sarah and Emily

Getting ready to head out for the night!

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